Wolftree , Kinfolk & Coffee

So Ive been in love with the magazine Kinfolk Since I can remember.  I have this quiet , crazy, beautiful ambition that come the end of University I will pack up everything I own, move to Portland Oregon ( where the Kinfolk office is based ) and demand they hire me. I adore the philosophy behind Kinfolk and the genuine people.  Nothing makes me happier in the morning than coffee and a good read , which is why I am  super excited to share with you ‘Wolf tree’ A magazine for Makers, Dreamers and Adventures. Enough said right ? How crazy cool is that. Check them out they are insanely cool.  Looks like ill now be tossing up between a one way ticket to North Dakota or Oregon come three years !




2 thoughts on “Wolftree , Kinfolk & Coffee

  1. Hello! I’m glad to have found your site. I adore Kinfolk and have similar aspirations as you….AND I never knew about wolftree! It’s awesome. I have to think of a photo story to submit. 😉 Just saying hello and thanks for the follow as well! Best, Tessa

    • Tessa! I just spend the good half of my morning going through your blog! Alaska is one of my dreams, crazy beautiful. Its lovely to meet a fellow pioneer and adventurer!

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