Here’s to the markets and falling in love with cheese. Or , The French Market La Cigale. Or maybe , The secrets of strangers and street stalls.

When I was in London my heart was in serious trouble. Markets are one of my many guilty and simple pleasures. I could have spent a lifetime at the Brick Lane and Portobello markets.

Then I arrived in Holland and I was pretty certain Amsterdam had stolen my heart. The floating flower market and the best apple pie I have ever tasted, and not for the reasons you might think.

Bestappple pie

And then I cheated on the both of them when I discovered French farmer’s markets and French wine. And I thought I was in love with Europe. I knew nothing. I’m not even going to begin describing the Chiang Mai New Years markets and surrounding street food stalls. It’s like the world has these awesome secrets that you can only discover between rows of stalls and strangers. I hope someone has written a book titled just that. The secrets of strangers and street stalls.



Then I came home to the markets in my favorite city in the world. The little love of Wellington. The infamous Chafers doc markets where I spent little under a year selling the most divine dark chocolate and nibbling on French cheese from the stall next to mine. It is also the place where I bought my very first bunch of Peonies and decided that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up, that or French cheese.


I have recently decided to explore a suburb a week in Auckland, where I have just moved too. And this Saturday I visited Parnell and the famous French Market. The simple elegance this market holds is worthy of praise. Every single thing I ate I could taste exactly what was in it. Clean, raw beautiful food. I don’t think it’s my heart I should be worried, see for yourself!


Blogedit blogeditthree blogedit two I had the honey comb puff ( in the first photo ) And yes it was full of sugar, but was worth every bite.  I also got the most beautiful honey smoked salmon, which you can see in the second photo. As well as that I purchased the best falafels I’ve ever had in my entire life and some beautiful Moroccan hummus AND a cucumber garlic dip. There was also this lovely lady selling little ciabattas for 50c so I couldn’t say no! They were awesome flavors , capsicum and tomato, nutmeg, garlic and sunflower seeds. And the smoothies were filled with goodness the one above had organic green beans, banana, lemon, mint, avocado, apple, dates, chia seeds, coconut and mineral water ! Oh and the Focaccia next to the honey comb puff was feta, onion, marmalade, caramelised onion and horseradish !


I might just fall in love with Auckland after all.





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