The month of September and three beautiful film cameras

I have three beautiful film cameras sitting above my desk. A Pentax, a Minolta and a Chinon. When I originally got these I had not the faintest idea how to use them, but I used them anyway, constantly. Nothing I captured turned out very good but there is something beautifully mundane about film. The Minolta, the favoured of the three got used the most; it was also the most damaged. A slight crack in the back caused light to stream in and ruin a fair amount of shots. The man at the camera shop said I should just duct tape up the back and it would work like a charm, but for some reason I never got around to it.

But it’s nearly September and I’ve got a good feeling about September. September is a month for evening classes, for scooter adventures, ballroom lessons, hot yoga and new coffee shops. This September is going to host three reels of film one from each forgotten camera. September is going to be a good month.

I stumbled upon a handful of old film photos. They must have been the first I ever took, you can see that light leak throughout them all, I really should find that duct tape!

421153_10150627598203601_2146163753_n 421995_10150627598703601_630256715_n 422439_10150627597813601_900870466_n 424425_10150627598383601_2147333458_n 425871_10150627598588601_1062753228_n 426171_10150627598538601_1976713837_n 428731_10150627598473601_372714587_n


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