Cheers to the city and a salute to the suburbs.

With the danger of this become another one of those DIY blogs ill keep it short. I am no longer a city slicker or a inner city warrior. Same city different post code. This will be the first summer spent in Auckland and we have managed to score a stunner of a home. White walls, wooden floors, a massive back yard, garage/workshop, loads of light and warmth, in the little suburb of Avondale. A cake maker, aspiring florist, interior designer and a little rabbit named Calvin, Calvie for short. We have grand plans for our home, but first we have to furnish it. I have a small list of projects for the summer, a cooper pipe bed, trunk couches, hanging workbench, shelves and ladders, to name a few. Its a good thing a new tool kit is top on my Christmas list (thanks dad).  Exams are over so let the sanding, spray painting and creating begin. Cheers to the city and Salute to the suburbs. Oh and just so I can pretend to be a DIY blogger here are the before pictures and I’ll post the afters…..afterwards, the idea is to give the ladder a sand wash paint effect, hang it and then tie and tangle a fair amount of foliage, flowers and small bulbs up and down the rungs creating a center piece to hang over a table. Well that’s the idea….




Oops please excuse the dirty feet!


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