Three glasses of wine and a boat trip

C032368-R1-01-2It has officially been a year since I moved to this big city of Auckland.

Summer started off with three glasses of wine, a boat trip and ended with a gesture of faith. Not a bad summer, in fact this summer has been a pretty incredible one. It was simply spent.

Two months of Wellington, Auckland, Mondays, friends and family. Christmas was spent under ten days of glorious sunshine in a Wellington summer like no other.

This summer we got a new house-home, I joined the Mondays whole foods family
and my best friend became my boyfriend. I saved a lemon tree , a tomato plant and attempted creating Kokedama. I drank a bit and ate a lot. Went on bush walks, bike trips and surf trips. Swam in the ocean, river and under waterfalls. I visited little towns and bigger cities. I got to show my favourite friend around my new home. I spent time reading new books and acquiring library fees. I learnt loads, made only a few mistakes and grew a lot. I also went door knocking in search of a river and got baptized on a quiet Sunday afternoon with a handful of family and friends.

Monday was the first day of Autumn. There is such a significance of seasons in my life at the moment. Summer was a season of peace and of learning, always learning. Autumn is hinting at a season in which I have to find chaos in the storm. University, relationships, friendships, free-lance writing, volunteer work and holding down a job are all very overwhelming occupations, all of which should be done whole heatedly and with generosity and care. This season is going to be a balance of hard work, well-being and time management, and above all this season is going to be a good one, no a great one.





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