Number Twenty Two


Number 22 is a house which has seen happier days. Its wood is a bit battered, paint a bit chipped and the ceiling is a bit rusty. From an outsider looking in, the value of this small home may not seem of great weight, but often those who see the value when others don’t are the ones who have the patience and passion to make it radiant.

The value of this house will be found in the things the family-to be will not see. The early mornings and late nights, the steel toed boots and pink gumboots, the endless trips to Bunnings, the decision to buy the more expensive carpet so small toes won’t get cold in the winter, new neighbours and Trademe strangers who are happy to lend their hands and knowledge. The two house plans stuck with yellow tape against cracked plaster, the three layers of wallpaper, white vinyl flowers, purple floral print, and blue rocket ships that were stripped again and again off walls . The packed lunches, loud music, sweat and love that went into this wee house is of great value and is to be applauded.

People buy houses all the time, people do houses up all the time. But it is uncommon to find one person doing the work of twenty, and doing it with a determination that is not easily rivalled.

I am so looking forward to posting some before and after photos of this house/turned home, but for now here are three photos, a house, a key and a front porch.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

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