Four Reasons Today was a Good Day

This post does not make a point and it does not serve a purpose other than to remind myself in a few weeks or years, that on Tuesday the 29th of March, I had a good day.  Today was the last day of our extended Easter break, well for us lucky students that is, for some reason to-do with the ministry of education we have been given the day off.

University is often chaotic. There are hundreds if not thousands of students everywhere and it is exceedingly likely that on any other day, my favorite chair and table in the library would not be available. After a much needed run in the Titirangi bush I packed my bag, pleaded my hair into a top-knot and headed into the city. Not only was campus relatively empty but my prime sunny-study spot was empty. I had just under four hours to catch up on some readings before a test this Friday, (and before my parking ran out, thanks dad) and for the first time this year I actually began to enjoy learning. This year has been a bit hectic, wonderful, but crazy, living between two cities is no small feat, so my assignments thus far have been rushed and my time management skills stretched. The text book chapter, although hard to get into, was extremely interesting. The chapter was about creativity, creative thinking and innovation, and with the aid of some kumara chips, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It reminded me how much I love to learn and how I have missed that feeling.

The second thing I loved about today was the kindness of a stranger and a reminder to not judge on appearances. Before I headed into the library to study, I had a quick peep in at a few shops along K-road. One of these was the Red Cross Opportunity shop. As I was half halfheartedly pursuing potential purchases I noticed two, ‘too-cool-for-school’ guys who had just walked in. (Usually I expect to see alternative, Indie, rock-boys with ripped jeans and large rimmed glasses meandering down the isles of per-lovables).  A third man then entered a bit scraggly looking and attempted to buy a book. Sadly he did not have any money. One of the guys I just mentioned immediately reached out saying ‘ill get it mate, no problem’ the older man was simply stoked apparently he had been collecting the whole series. It totally made my day and taught me yet again that appearances often mean very little.

Meeting a stranger was the third thing that made my day good today. As I caught the bus up Queens Street I sat next to a retired lady who was on her way home from holidaying on Waiheke island. So often people are cold and stony faced on public transport but this lady was not having a bar of it. We got chatting and it turned out she was catching her third bus home, so I offered to drive her the rest of the way. Although it was only a small thing making a friend out of a stranger, even if it was only for the next hour was a great addition to my day.

And lastly the florist who sells bucketfuls of sunflowers for almost as cheap as chips. You and your flowers totally made my day also.



2 thoughts on “Four Reasons Today was a Good Day

  1. Another lovely read. I’m glad you had a good day. Your writing is very inspiring and makes me want to set up a blog of my own. However, I have more than enough going on in my life right now (a shop to manage, a house to tidy, a husband to keep, weight to lose, documents to spell check, birds to feed…….) that I think the only wise decision would be to refrain from adding yet more expectations to my jam packed existence. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy reading yours and after all, there are a bunch of MY genes represented here. How can I not feel proud?

  2. Your writing is always lovely mum 😀 I really do think you should write some childrens books. I am lucky to have your genes !

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