The Best uses for Dried & Pressed Flowers

Over the railway tracks and into the Florist OR the best uses for dried and pressed flowers:


One of the really wonderful things about working at a cafe is getting to know the regulars. We have a bucketful of very cool regulars at Mondays Whole Foods. Regulars who bring us in fresh produce from their garden, a book from their shelves, hilarious stories from their past or a nice bunch of newspaper wrapped, twine tied flowers.

Across the Kingsland train tracks, nestled under the noisy station bridge is my favorite little flower shop, Urban Flowers. It is also where one of my favorite customers resides. A few weeks ago she dropped off a couple of flowers to be dried and turned into something lovely. With the help of an incredibly creative individual named Annie, here are my favorite three uses for dried and pressed flowers.

Cake toppings. Flowers, I reckon, are behind the expression ‘to make the mundane beautiful‘ as they really do. Take a run of the mill cake like the one below, and add a small but bright arrangement of flowers and a simple little cake becomes quiet remarkable.

Fridge magnets.  All you need is a jar full of dry, pressed flowers, a laminator, scissors, magnets and some double sided tape, oh and preferably a fridge. Laminated flowers and leafs make for the prettiest decorations on a boring fridge, have a look how its done with autumn leafs,

Pottery and crockery. I am a sucker for a nice piece of crockery. Gluing dried flat, (pressed) flowers to the bottom of a tray, plate or bowl and then using¬† Epoxy Resin over them make for the daintiest crockery set. Even if it’s just a few daisy’s scattered and glued throughout a set of mugs. Simple creams, browns, greens and just a hint of yellow flowers are perfect to transform those cheap Briscoes buys. All you need is pressed dried flowers, craft glue, and some sort of Epoxy Resin. Take a quick look at this lovely lady’s rose petal tray for instructions and inspiration,


Wordpress one Word press two

On a side note, or as a post script, happy birthday to the receiver of this cake although its pretty, it’s not nearly as extraordinary as you.


One thought on “The Best uses for Dried & Pressed Flowers

  1. I enjoy reading what you’ve written. I always enjoy what you’ve written. You are very talented in this area.

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