Sunday morning Avondale Market

I’ll keep this Sunday post short and sweet, this morning I visited the Avondale markets for the first time, and it is awesome. I cant stop kicking myself. Not only is it tones cheaper, but there is such an amazing selection of fruit, veggies, herbs and fresh fish.  I think the market has ruined me for ever taking another step in a Countdown or New world. I was a bit overwhelmed this morning so only got an armful of goodies, but the crazy thing is all the produce in the photo below was roughly $10, it would of cost me near $30 at any supermarket. I know a lot of you reading this will already be regular market goers, but I just cant get over how much cheaper it is.


The Avondale markets are definitely going to become my go-to for all things green. The only downside however was the crazy amount of plastic everyone was using. Plastic bags hung by the hundreds on the poles above the stands. Hands were constantly reaching up to grab bag after bag to put their greens in. I hate to admit it but being unprepared, I did not have my usual basket or market bags with me so I ended up using plastic bags, lesson learnt.

For those of you who are new to my blog, over the past couple of months I have decided to slowly and steadily change my lifestyle to a more healthy, organic and sustainable one. Tomorrow I am off to visit and review two wee shops, Browns Bay Bin Inn and Mt Eden Bulk Foods.  Now that I have dubbed the Avondale markets as my fruit and veggie kingdom, I am on the hunt to find other shops I can fill my pantry at, hopefully without using tones and tones of plastic.





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