Bulk Food Savings on a Rainy Day

It was pouring down with rain today, so it was nice to take my time perusing the shelves at Mt Eden’s Bulk Food Savings store. I have recently started to change my life style to a more healthy, sustainable and organic one, so I  wanted to check out the likes of Bulk Foods to see what they had to offer .I wrote a post last week about making the change from big chain supermarkets like Countdown, Pakn Save and New World, and trying to stock my pantry and fridge with local, cheaper and more organic groceries. Yesterday I headed along to the amazing Avondale Markets and next week I shall visit a Bin Inn, but for now, here are a few sentences on how I found meandering down the isles of Mt Edens little Bulk Food Savings store.


Bulk Foods is such a small shop, jam packed with everything from smoked paprika, organic teas, black quinoa and banana flour to bamboo toothbrushes. For someone who isn’t very clued up on ‘alternative eating’ this was a learning curve, although I do wish someone would create a food dictionary with all foods vegan and organic, I still have no idea what half the things on the shelves were.  I managed to get a few bargains and found the prices on spices AMAZING, and such an awesome selection. There was also a pretty decent selection of grains and handfuls upon handfuls of specialty foods that you definitely would not find at the supermarket.The tea selection is dreamy, beautiful and worth the drive. I haven’t seen so many teas in one place in a long time. They even stock my favorite Tulsi tea. Next to the tea selection I stumbled upon Dr Bronner’s hand wash and soap, a good choice of organic chocolate and a small but quality selection of healthcare products such as toothpaste. Such a neat little shop and venture. The main attraction for me was the spices, teas and grains. It’s great for Organic, Vegan and Celiac products but still pretty pricey. I am looking forward to checking out a Bin Inn next week and stocking up my collection of mason jars.

On a side note,  It’s marginally harder to try and implement change on your own, so I am feeling increasingly lucky to have a few handfuls of friends who have already begun the journey to a more healthy, sustainable and organic lifestyle. Thanks Kara for letting me drag you around in the rain and for your ever growing wisdom!



2 thoughts on “Bulk Food Savings on a Rainy Day

  1. Thanks for this post, and for bringing attention to this little gem of a store, hidden away and still quite unknown due it’s sweet lack of self promotion. This shop is what Harvest and others used to be like, before they were gobbled up by the supermarket-style health food industry. Only recently this shop stopped stocking tahini on tap (think it still has molasses etc)…. and one of the last places you could go and see these products in their natural state, and have fun pouring out sticky messes into your own jars. :). There is also bulk food for pet lovers (especially birds and rabbits). Here’s hoping it holds out against the forces of ‘upgrading’.

    • Tahini on tap! That sounds very dreamy. I have a recipe for a tahini tart that i’ve been wanting to try, but it is a bit pricy. Do you have any other suggestions of places I could try and shop at in Auckland ?

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