Goodbye Gladwrap Hello Honey Wrap

I just packed a fabulous sandwich, if I may say so myself. Nothing crazy. Just a simple onion, carrot, apple, meat, cheese and lettuce beauty. I then hit a road block. My little love of a lunch was not going to fit in a glass mason jar, and glad wrap or tinfoil was not going to cut it this time. I was at a loss, should I simply carry my sandwich to university safety in my hands? So I turned, as any sensible young lady would to friends and family, in the hopes someone would show me the way to ensure the safety of my sammy without any harm to the environment, ( no plastic).

After a few handy hints from friends and from good ole google I stumbled upon HoneyWraps, a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. The following few sentences are just a short but sweet review on the product and how I found it.

Honeywraps are natural food wraps that promise to keep your sammy and other foods safe and snug. I purchased a medium sized  natural base wrap in the hopes that my sandwich problems would become no more. I was delighted by the texture and waxy feel of the wrap and how easily it sealed over containers, fruits, veggies and my rice crackers.

However I struggled to wrap up my bread, although this may have simply been a reflection of my lack of wrapping skills and not the honey wrap itself, but I just could not get the wrap to fit securely around my sandwich. I didn’t want to press down too firmly on the bread, as that would have squashed the soft bread and its contents and no one likes a soggy lunch.

Luckily for me the lovely ladies behind Honeywrap included a ‘how to use’ video on their website which both provided me with a bit of better luck and caused me to realize I should probably just buy some heartier bread.

A great alternative to plastic wrap and great philosophy behind the product. Although it may take some practice to get perfect, honey wraps are definitely on my list to slowly and surely create a zero waste, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.




4 thoughts on “Goodbye Gladwrap Hello Honey Wrap

  1. Well done you!! I have making some of these on my ‘to do’ list…there’s tutorials on pinterest. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know if it ever makes it on to my ‘done’ list?

    • Making them? That sounds amazing, and a bit daunting. Totally let me know if you get around to giving it a go 🙂

  2. Hey 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog, great to see so much positivity! A common theme in your blogs is sustainability. I think it’s an important and often overlooked area in the world today. A documentary that really changed my thoughts on how to live sustainably was ‘Cowspiracy’. It’s an excellent documentary that discusses the effects of animal agriculture (consumption of any animal products such as meat etc) on the planet. It promotes a plant based eating lifestyle but it’s definitely an excellent watch and provides useful insight on how to go about living life in a sustainable way. Hope you like it!

    • Nik, thanks for your comment. I’ve been pretty naive up until recently in regards to sustainability. I have heard of the documentary and it is on my list to watch, although I think I’m subconsciously putting it off as I love my chicken and steak. But in saying that ignorance is not always bliss, I will put it on the top of my to-do list, thanks for your thoughts!

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