The best house nut milks or mylks in Auckland

The best house nut milks or mylks in Auckland and Wellington

Over the next few weeks I will endeavor to dabble in what Auckland has to offer in regards to house made nut milks. Out of the three loves of my dairy life, cheese, milk and butter, milk is definitely the easiest to replace. Although there doesn’t seem to be a barrel full of options when it comes to nut milk in Auckland, I have found a handful of awesome little establishments that are dedicated to providing beautiful organic cashew, almond, hazelnut and even macadamon milks. As always I would love any helpful tips if you know any other nut milk providers I have missed. So far on my list I have: Mondays Whole Foods, Carew Kitchen and Mylk Boys and then slightly further afield, The Nutmylk Co in Christchurch. As of yet I cannot find any Wellington nut milk suppliers.

Any who, this week I am going to start with reviewing a milk close to my heart. Mondays Whole Foods Milk service. I have ordered online, so I will mosey on down tomorrow and give it a go and a few sentences soon after. Happy Thursday.






One thought on “The best house nut milks or mylks in Auckland

  1. Hi there – we just came across the mention in your post! Thanks for your support and continued search for good quality nut mylks ❀

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