Black & Gold Eatery, Cafe Review

Black and Gold Café review.

Black and Gold coffee and eatery is what every cafe should strive to be like, pretty darn faultless. On a rare nothing-planned Friday, a friend and I headed over the bridge simply to be rid of the city smoke. After cruising through the sunny streets of Albany without a care in the world, we decided to check out the much-recommended cafe Black and Gold in Rosedale.

Although I had heard raves of this wee cafe from many a practiced hand and coffee connoisseur,  I had never before taken the time to leave the west and head over the shore for a dabble in what that side of Auckland has to offer in terms of hospitality. Never again will I make the same mistake, Black and Gold was faultless. Auckland has more or less hundreds of cafes scattered around the fringes and a hundred more smack bam in the middle. Although I can not boast to having visited more than a few handfuls of these, I am well aware of the subtle and not so subtle differences that make a good cafe into a great one. In saying this, I cant remember the last time I had such an enjoyable coffee date that wasn’t simply because of the company with me.

Black and Gold is light, inviting, trendy and for want of a better word, cool, simply because it is and can hardly be accused of trying too hard. Test tube flower holders are the perfect petite touch of charm. Customer service was on point and the poor waitress was genuinely not bothered by my many annoying questions and dietary requirements, and even expressed her utmost sympathy towards my struggle to justify extra avocado.

I had heard whispers that the barista was well practiced in the art of coffee which was extremely evident in my half strength almond milk latte which was as beautiful as it was embarrassing to order. The fresh mint, lemon and apple juice was worthy of praise and the food, holy moly, what a perfect little feast. The Avo Mame Smash with Hamlomi, crunchy mixed sprouts, semi dried tomato on wholemeal sourdough was scrummy and was quickly followed and shared by The Pork Bap with pulled pork, slaw, dukkah and avocado to replace the pickle.

The food was delicious, the service friendly and good humoured and the beverages applaudable. My only regret was not taking home a cake with what looked like blueberry and rhubarb cream cheese icing. Screw being dairy intolerant, it looked far too dreamy.



I regret that I was far too busy gazing lovingly at my food to reach for my camera or my phone after the food arrived but fingers crossed my words and sentences can paint you a fairly decent picture. If not you’ll just have to visit yourselves.



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