The 21st Theory

For some reason when one turns the grand age of twenty one, it’s kind of a big deal. In New Zealand culture young adults often celebrate by convincing their parents to hire out a venue or bar, invite friends, collogues and acquaintances alike and hope the bar tab doesn’t run out.  This terrified me. I can count the number of close friends I have on one hand, how do people even know enough individuals to fill a room, let alone a venue?

It may be the fact that I am not the coolest kid on the block, and that I tend to lack any hesitation when pouring out my love, not realizing friendships take time,but it wasn’t until admitting my fear of holding a 21st to a friend, that I realized that there was another option, and that was simply to not. So for my 21st year of living on this beautiful planet, I decided to climb a mountain and celebrate my life surrounded by blue skies and white peaks.  It was incredibly humbling to spend the day feeling tiny and important both at once.

However, last July I attended a 21-year celebration that made me think that if I could do it again, this is exactly how I would do it.  A 21st, or any birthday celebration in-fact should, in my opinion, reflect the person who is being celebrated. I hiked all day on my birthday and was surrounded by nature and company that made me blissfully content. This person surrounded herself by the beautiful people in her life, insanely good food, and a wonderful creative spirit.

I often joke that I am studying to do exactly what this person does for a hobby. However I wanted to write this blog post and include these photos to encourage others that a 21st isn’t defined by what is expected but by what reflects you.






 Photos credited to a miss Em Blackmore



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