Almighty Gardening Team


I have just spent the last hour and a half hanging out with the lovely Tess from Almighty, and an equally cool bunch of kids from Edendale primary school, watching and only slightly helping out as they made a cafe-worthy pumpkin and silver beet risotto. I was too embarrassed to admit it but I have never mastered the art of risotto, so was stoked to see the kids cook up a storm with apparent ease.

For those of you who love gardening, or love the idea of gardening, feel pretty darn sexy in an apron, love experimenting with food or think that it is of great importance that New Zealand kids feel at home in both the garden and the kitchen, then keep reading.

Almighty Juice is a proudly owned organic and general well-ness company. Alongside making some pretty beautiful products they are also supporting the Garden to Table program. A program that is focused on changing the way children approach and think about food.

Up until very recently I have been living a blissfully ignorant life when it comes to sustainability and the awareness that every single one of my actions has a much bigger consequence. Although I am still miles away from being able to call myself sustainable, I am well on the way to educating and slowly changing my lifestyle to a happier and healthier one for both me and the environment.  A massive part of the journey to a sustainable lifestyle is to just simply get among it, network with people, have conversations, read, research and make mistakes, because any mistake you can make will not be worse then the one of simply not trying.

Everyone knows that great feeling of having a conversation with a like-minded person who just ‘gets it. It’s so incredibly encouraging to begin to walk alongside others who are journeying the same or a similar journey. Not only is the product behind Almighty beautiful, but the philosophy and ambition behind it is as-well, so thank you Tess for encouraging conversations, I still have miles to go but now at least it doesn’t feel like light years!

If anyone wants to lend a helping hand and get among some gardening and cooking with some pretty darn awesome kids, head along to the Almighty Juice website and flick the good souls behind the screen a message, they will be super excited to hear from you!


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