Fabric Origami

Made by Hand is a beautiful book, however it is not for the faint crafters. A step up from simple paper crafts this book is a collection of wonderful, bold and quaint creations. From screen printing to basket weaving, T-shirt rug lacing to sweet little fabric parsnips, colorful coiled bowls, olive oil soap and my personal favorite fabric origami butterflies.

The pages are filled with projects as opposed to afternoon activities, but that didn’t stop a friend and I from gathering a few pieces of lost fabric and trying to copy and create from dog ended pages.  Fabric origami is by far the easiest of all the creations all you need is an iron, fabric, scissors, and a needle and thread. The two fabrics we used were off cuts from a beige linen and a beautiful home made screen print of tiny hill -houses that my incredibly talented friend had created and donated.  The smaller the square of fabric the harder it was to get a good fold and the harder it became to sew. It helps a fair amount to have a practiced hand in artfulness, but all you really need is to be somewhat competent with a needle and thread, and if not have someone nearby who is. Have a little peak below and get your hands on this book it is truly a delightful find.




4 thoughts on “Fabric Origami

  1. A beautifully written post – as always. What cute butterflies 🙂
    Very creatitive. – from a redundant spell checker :-0

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