Pallet Kingdom

One of the awesome things about university are the people, a fact that is true about most well intended establishments. This semester I am taking a really interesting paper called Social Entrepreneurship. This week our lecturer invited a lovely and slightly witty young lady called Adriana who although, young in appearance is wise beyond years and in wisdom. She gave a good hours talk about her neat little business called The Pallet Kingdom, laughed about her tragedies and ‘mistakes turned lessons learned’, and encouraged us to support and grow ideas around social enterprises.

The Pallet Kingdom is a humble and homemade social enterprise in the big city of Auckland. Adriana and her troop rescue unwanted and left to waste pallets and after a little bit of love and a lot of time and energy turn these pallets into beautiful pieces of furniture for houses, cafes, gardens and any little space that needs a bit of beauty. Adriana and her company have an awesome philosophy around business, sustainability and around taking trash and not only turning it into a treasure, but into a profit and more importantly a purpose.

Persistence in the ever constant face of diversity was at the forefront of her talk. Even after a newsworthy car crash through her house which demolished a client’s work and much needed tools, a sliced off thumb and an eviction notice, Adriana still preaches grit, passion and determination.

An hour of my Friday well spent. How awesome is it that we are constantly surrounded by creative, talented individuals whose dreams and possibilities are endless. Adriana created a conversation for us to be beginners, encouraging us that no one starts off being excellent and hard work is a season to be honoured. Furthermore, how lucky are we to live in a country in which education is so freely given and most people are open and willing to give it.




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