Winter oatmeal & spring salad

We have had a glimpse of spring this last week in Auckland. It saw people take to the streets with white legs and faces turned upwards seeking the sun. Washing lines hung with sheets and linen suddenly became a regular appearance in my neighbourhood and windows and doors were suddenly pushed open wide with an expectancy that only the hint of spring can bring.  Most people I know are summer people. People who wake up and rush to the beach each morning like their hair is full of sand and the ocean is the shower. Sun kissed people who love the type of light summer brings or the taste of salt in the air.  Others are winter weather people. People who love the chill dawn breath and cold winter sky after sunset. Of-course, I am not forgetting Spring or Autumn but I find more often than not people tend to fall on either side of the scale.

Although I find great beauty in both, I am most definitely a winter person, well that was until recently when I discovered the unique in between.  The small gap of transitioning between the seasons, when things overlap, intertwine and weave together just for a few weeks. Kindly mornings when autumn and winter seem to go hand in hand. Golden dusk nights where spring and summer share the same hammock.

So with a glimpse of spring in today’s winter, I decided to honour the in between with a mixed melody of breakfast and lunch, a winter oatmeal and a spring salad. I am not a practiced hand at salads, in fact up until recently I have thought of them as rather drab, but upon further research I have discovered how wrong I have been. The below ensemble consisted of black rice, lemon and pepper baby potatoes, a handful of lettuce and spinach leaves, a few stems of raw broccoli, chicken, roasted macadamias and a small handful of mandarins. I was a bit cheeky and squeezed a table spoon of lemon+mayonnaise dressing on top but apart from that wee hiccup, my first attempt at a healthy spring salad was lovely.

My oatmeal skill is credited mostly to my Mondays family, whom without I wouldn’t have bothered with the divine but simple combination of oats, almondmeal, almond and coconut flakes, a recycled-pre-loved flower, banana, honey and homemade almond + coconut milk.




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