The golden-orange light of spring.


The golden orange light of a spring dawn is here.

How beautiful is Avondale? Okay I know its not the prettiest suburb, but it does have an evident and unique charm. I think today spring got sick of waiting for tomorrow’s dawn and decided that the last day of winter should also be the first day of spring. I have been diligently studying from the early hours of this morning but couldn’t resist flinging open all the windows and doors so that the sun should sweep in. For my study break I decided to go for a good hour wonder and mosey around the neighborhood in which I reside. I took one of my beautiful reusable, fresh produce bags with me in case I decided to pop into one of the many fruit and veg shops which call West Auckland home. The bags were lovingly gifted to me by an all around genuine and salt of the earth person, Daisy, who works for a neat little company called Honey wraps, ( blog post to come soon about using these neat bags at the Avondale markets).

I spent a good peaceful and ridiculously happy hour giddily walking around the streets, peering at people’s gardens and houses for inspiration. I ended up with a bag and armful of goodies before I even turned around for home. A bush of rosemary growing wild over the fence, a few lemons from a tree bursting with fruit, two grapefruits and two mandarins, thanks to the friendly neighbours. The thing I wasn’t expecting to find, and to be honest makes me a little sad, was about a dozen potatoes simply thrown out and laying on the street. Before any college kids could spot them and kick them to the kerb, I hurriedly rescued them and popped them into my bag. I know some of you might be thinking, ‘that’s taking it a bit far’ and I know some people might scoff and think its actually a bit gross, but I have every intention of taking them home, cleaning them up and then roasting some fluffy lemon and thyme potatoes. I don’t want to go into a long rant, but food wastage is a problem, perfectly good potatoes thrown out onto the street for who knows what reason, is just for want of a better word, stupid.

Any way, September marks the beginning of spring and of so many wonderful things. I am heading to the love of my life Wellington next week to start prepping and getting the lay of the land of my summer home. I don’t want to get too excited but I am currently in the  thimbles of financing my summer plan of living in a Lotus Belle Tent, similar to a Yurt and attempting a sustainable lifestyle. So my spring cleaning this year will consist of the cleaning out, throwing out and gifting the majority of my belongings, as I will be trying to squeeze all my possessions into a 5 x 5 meter tent.

So farewell beautiful bitter mornings and hello to the golden orange light of the dawn spring so lovingly brings us.



One thought on “The golden-orange light of spring.

  1. How bizarre – potatoes laying abandoned. Well done for rescuing them. I think the lines I like best in the blog above are the following:

    “I think today spring got sick of waiting for tomorrow’s dawn and decided that the last day of winter should also be the first day of spring”

    You have a lovely way with words. And well done with your use of commas 🙂


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