If only we could eat succulents


My garden is full to the brim with succulents. I have two friends that live in a brick house on top of a hill and on the corner. Someone has dug up their succulents and made a lemonade stand for plants. Succulents $1.00 it reads. Its such a pity succulents aren’t more edible. According to ‘A field guide to the native edible plants of New Zealand’ some of the 600 variations of this plant can in-fact be tossed in with a green salad.  The leaves of succulents have a mild peppery,bitter flavor and apparently  if you eat large quantities can cause your stomach to do flipflops.

My garden is also coughing up buckets upon buckets of a little white and endearing weed called onion weed. This blessing of a weed appeared to have wandered in overnight, decided they liked the look of our garden and plonked right down in patches all over the back lawn. I’m not complaining, in fact these little beauties will soon be harvested and thrown into many a salad, green pizza and roast vegetable gallet.

I am constantly fascinated by salads that are made up out of wild flowers, herbs and garden foliage.  This morning I decided to hunt and harvest. I had some stone fruits, apricots, cherries, nectarines and plums that I was hoping to make into a crazy green summer salad. A handful of baby kale, oregano, sage, baby basil, edible flowers, onion-flowers, pear, apple and a spoonful of home-made beetroot and chickpea hummus later I had my first almost-all home garden made salad. Perhaps next time I’ll add a few bits of shredded succulent. The art of salads and the art of botany continues to amaze me. Happy Tuesday.



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