I’m quitting university

I’m quitting university is something I have I have whispered to myself as I eat assignments for breakfast and drink research papers for tea. But a few days ago I handed in my final assessment for the year and it feels wonderful.

University is a mixed bundle of emotions. Learning is not particularly smooth sailing, there are no foolproof rules. Sometimes it comes easily and naturally, other times university is like drilling a rock.

Regardless I feel incomparably grateful to be living in a country in which I am at liberty to study whatever I please. I still recognize however, that not everyone has the means or support to do so. I do not think I will ever know the true extent to what my parents have sacrificed to support my adventures in life thus far. I do know however that when at times this year I have felt overwhelmed, hollow and sometimes as empty as the space between the stars my parents have poured out their love and support unconditionally and without relent.

One more year down and one more to go and then university will be like the rooftop views from my first year apartment balcony, no longer mine. They will belong to yesterday. But for now I am going to commit myself to the east and to the west of both my cities, lazing on beaches, reading stacks of books that aren’t research articles. I am going to laugh so that my laughter rattles of the wooden floors of my home and I am going to drink in the reckless abundant air of summer.





One thought on “I’m quitting university

  1. Well the title certainly caught my attention 🙂
    Very poetically written as always although I think there’s room for just one extra comma but that’s ok, we’ll save it for next time.
    Thank you for the beautiful words. You are a very special daughter who has achieved so much so far and will go on to achieve so much more. Loves you xxxxxx

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