The humble life of Fermented Tea

Okay Okay I know I’m one of the last souls in the health world to wander on board with this newest custom but to be fair I’m not really in the inner circle of health-wellness all-rounders, more timidly walking around the edge trying to grasp the meaning of thing’s like Probiotics, Ayurvedic, Agar, Aquafaba, Matcha and Kripalu Yoga. But I have recently began dabbling in the unobtrusive and humble little brand of fermented tea by daily organics, whose design and packaging looks like it could double as a candle company.

I’m not entirely unaware of this new well-crafted beverage. Organic Mechanic Kombotcha have been on the shelves at Monday’s Wholefoods for years and have recently gained a neighbor in Banjo Brews Kombotcha which trifles with flavors such as, blueberry, elder-flour, ginger, lemon and verbena. Although my taste-buds are somewhat educated my stubborn tastes weren’t entirely swayed until I tasted daily organics knack of the trade.

I have become accustomed to two out of the presented flavors and would almost suggest a daily dose of either. The Winter Kombotcha-Chai Spices and Ginger is subtle, sweet and tastes like cinnamon and sunflower seeds. The Original Kombotcha tastes like ginger beer intertwined with tea leafs, which is pretty much how I would describe the taste of the drink in general.

I have yet to tamper with the handful of other flavors daily organics have lovingly crafted but I am somewhat sure I wont be disappointment.





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