The best thing working at Mondays Wholefoods has taught me.


This week brings my last week in Auckland for the year. It also means the bitter sweetness of my last few days at Mondays Wholefoods. Its crazy how a little establishment and its philosophy can have a permanent influence on one’s life.

My twenties have very clearly become my ‘growing’ years. I am slowly but surely painting who I am, what trades I like to dabble in, the people I wish to surround myself with, the faith I wish to hold close and what artesian values I wish to weave into my life.

Whole food and the beauty of creating is one of the small things that this year has taught me. ‘Wellness’ is a term which has been hyped up by the media and creative industries a lot recently, but it has also made home in my heart. Working at the ivy covered sanctuary and being surrounded by creative chefs, bakers and genuine people has given me a dusty window into this hidden world and it has been a world I have timidly began stepping into. The beauty of never before heard of ingredients, the mountains of brilliant minded cook books which I do believe hold the secret to happiness, the ability to press, mould, decorate and create food which belongs on the tables of kings, queens and children alike, are like summer in a long drizzly winter. I know that working in hospitality can get incredibly mundane and tedious but I hope these types of people get constant reminders that they are creating something incredibly worthwhile.

I have mentioned before that being in the kitchen terrifies me, makes me nervous and causes me to have to spend half an hour getting acquainted with the recipe before actually making a move towards the pantry. I am happy to announce that this is slowly changing. I am more comfortable when left in peace to make mistakes by myself, but regardless even a busy kitchen is still slowly becoming a place of creative excitement for me.

Working in the wholefood + wellness industry, I am constantly surrounded by incredible women who are taking the social media world by storm and who post beautifully crafted, scrummy food and their recipes online daily. Unfortunately that will never be me as I lack the talent, commitment and the patience to take photos of my food before I eat it. I do want to however, begin posting my trials and triumphs in the kitchen.

So as you stumble upon a recipe post once in awhile, be warned I am a rookie in the kitchen but am simply trying my hand at doing justice to the beautiful vegetables, plants and poultry gifted to us from this land.




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