Mondays Wholefoods biased Tahini Tart review


To celebrate this wonderful gift and appreciation of Whole food that Mondays has given me and my determination to make more mess in the kitchen (see previous post), I wanted to share a handful of posts over the next couple of days on a few of the things I will miss the most about Mondays. The first of those being the beautiful Tahini Tart found in the summer Mondays Journal. You can find the recipe in those pages and swoon lovingly at the pictures below.

Many a raw dessert pile into the cabinet as the ivy lazily wakes to the sunlight creeping down the steep driveway hidden away in Kingsland. The all time favourite Bounty Bar, the trendy Matcha & Mint Cheesecake, the Healthy Raw Carrot Cakes and my secret favourite the Salted Caramel Cakes. But the subtle and often overlooked favourite of the beautiful bunch would have to be the Tahini Buckwheat Tart. Tahini is ground sesame seeds, and buckwheat is a grain whose origins can be found in the middle east. Before working at this fine little establishment I had dabbled in neither. Nowadays my go to meal is a buckwheat risotto, and tahini can be found in almost all my salad dressings.

This tart can be made in any shape or form and is super simple to make even for the clumsy and anxious hearted. It has a soft, subtle creamy taste, which at first in interesting but after the second nibble will leave a permanent memory upon your tongue. It is not particularly sweet but has a very quiet after taste of honey.

Candied nuts and a chocolate sauce / gauche roofs this tart and although it doesn’t show it here, would look sweet with a few flowers sprinkled over the top. It is definitely a Spring + Autumn recipe for me but lovingly made it would taste divine in any season.

A short and only a little bit of a sweet blog post but a big tribute to one of my favourite things about this once home café. I’ll post a few more things about Auckland before I hit the road down to my first love (Wellington) shortly.




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