24 reasons to be grateful this December


Happy December folks! How exciting is it that we can actually talk about Christmas now without any hesitations? Three weeks filled with Christmas lists, Christmas making and Christmas baking. The art to all of this chaos though is to have a slow December. To take a step back from the utter chaos Christmas evokes and enjoy what December should be. The month with the most daylight hours, the possibilities are endless.  It’s not just the physical day of Christmas that is like the sea to me, in fact the day itself is always such a blur of good food and good sleep. It is the days leading up to the great Noel in which I find the most excitement.

Traditions are a big part of December. Growing up we never had many December traditions. the awesome thing about carving your own path in life however, is that you get to make your own.

Last December we filled the lounge with peonies. This year I think it will be mistletoe.  Last year we had a house to ourselves but this year we are going to be surrounded by family. Last year we hiked up a hillside on the outskirts of Wellington and subtly  chainsawed down a group of potential decoration bound pine trees. Last year we had tinsel, this year I’m going to give that over stuffed box away and attempt to make dainty gold egg shell decorations.

Never again shall I indulge in chocolate advent calendars, tinsel, fairy lights and cheap Christmas decorations. I will however, always watch all the Home Alone movies, write lists of things I am grateful for and raid the library, book stores and favorite blogs for Christmas recipes that aren’t Christmas puddings. I will try to fall in love with Christmas pies and ignore the fact that I am dairy intolerant. This year we are going to visit Christmas markets and press into meaning instead of quantity. We are going to celebrate the gifts that are too big to be wrapped up with a bow. A summer together, an almost finished house and an overwhelmingly exciting future.

December for me is also a really beautiful time to be grateful. To awake with a thank you on my lips and at the end of the day a thank you on my pillow. To know that although this time of year can be really hard there is beauty in the community found in December. So I have decided to record 24 things I am grateful for this December. I have dedicated a small portion of my blog to this little list which you can find in the menu at the top of the page. It’s titled ‘December’.


One thought on “24 reasons to be grateful this December

  1. I really like the idea of writing down one thing to be grateful for each day. Maybe I should follow your example! It’s too easy to take things for granted and not notice we had them until they are taken away from us. So today I am greatful for each member of my family. My hubby, my son, and my daughter. ESPECIALLY my daughter 😉

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