Wreath making in Wellington

At the beginning of December we made a list. A Christmas list full of all the Christmas activities we would indulge in leading up to the 25th. After a shocking attempt at ginger bread biscuits and an extremely successful Christmas tree rescue mission, we landed on one of my favorite activities of the season, wreath making. When it comes to decorations for any occasion simple and minimal are my friends. The pine tree companion on our dresser has a simple string of bronze stars dangling from her branches, and the wreath hanging from our door is that of a few bunches of pine needles and red manuka.

We spent yesterdays dusk wondering the streets, a basket and secateurs in tow on the hunt for greenery to decorate a handful of plain wreaths found in the garage. Here are a few photos from the venture. If you are among the few handfuls of lovely individuals who follow my blog I would love to see the creative wreaths you have found, decorated, purchased or made.

Wreaths are so welcoming. A reflection of the wonders of nature and of people, both interwoven cheerfully together.






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