The cure for bad days

Lately I’ve been having a few of those days.

Yesterday I woke up grumpy and before even getting out of bed I had predetermined that the day was going to suck. I had consciously decided that everything was too hard and that I should just stay in bed and wallow for a good few hours. However, a little part of me knew that this was just a tiny bit pathetic, and that the best kind of cure for those kind of moods and those kinds of days is to simply get up, get dressed, get out of the house and find some individual who uplifts your soul and your mood.

That’s it really that is the cure to bad days. The secret to uplifting your mood. Will yourself out of the bed. Go anywhere with someone even if its just your dog and get out of that place of self pity and drowning thoughts. Change your surroundings and your company and soon enough your mind set will be on a completely different direction.

Today the cure of my bad day turned out to be the Sunday markets, purposefully & aimlessly wandering the streets of the city, good simple and nourishing food at Loretta & the effortless company of a friend. A simple but full proof cure for a day in danger of being one to forget. For those of you interested in nourishment for the soul, my friend and I dabbled in both the Black Quinoa Salad – with riceberry, radicchio, red cabbage, purple carrot, rosemary, and the egg, cottage cheese, celery leaf and almond open sandwich. What a treat for a day that started grumpy but ended peacefully.






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