Good Things Come In Threes

As November rolled on over into December, I had all these amazing plans to write a blog post every week. But as I arrived back in my little home town I discovered that although sometimes transitions go smoothly, others are a bit more bumpy. I rocked on up back into Wellington expecting everything to be where I had left it and everyone to be where I had left them. But then I realized people grow and so do cities. So instead of spending the greater part of December writing blog posts about December madness and Christmas traditions, I have spent it trying to find my feet, a job, purpose and a community that has long since gone separate ways.

Good things, according to the Latin language come in threes. And upon cruising back onto the streets of Belmont, Lower Hutt in my trusty Toyota Platz (lovingly named Paul Anka), I was lucky enough to stumble upon my first stroke of luck. A bundle of hours work a week with the lovely ladies from Twig and Arrow, a floral and events styling company, run  by a wonderfully quirky, charming and slightly witty mother and daughter duo who make me feel as though I have stepped into a slightly slower paced Gilmore Girls episode. It’s brilliant.

For those of you who don’t know, my heart is found in both the wholefood-wellness & small events industries. Being able to dabble and learn from Twig & Arrow has provided the creative events designer inside of me much calm and peace. The part of me which found joy in raw, organic whole cooking however, is struggling to be heard and is in a constant state of confusion and chaos as to where this fits into my day to day life. I do not know Wellington’s wholefood & wellness scene, I was not brought up on a organic farm, let alone home veggie garden as so many of my favorite foodie bloggers and cook book writers seem to be, and I am definitely not a natural in the kitchen. But I love it none the less and because I am determined that good things come in threes, I am hopeful that the next two will revolve around good food.

On a side note – I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a successful blogger. Someone who has marketing and media up their sleeve and can earn an income from crafting words and photos. BUT I think being an honest and open writer who can’t spell but has faith that being genuine and honest will inspire even the quietest of readers, is a good kind of writer to be.





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