Cauliflower Salad with Mint, Pomegranates, and Nigella Seeds.

When in doubt (or when you realize that pomegranate season is heart-breakingly short) use cranberries.

This little pop of a raw salad is from a cruisy recipe magazine and website called Bon Appetit. It’s simple, it’s as raw as can be and if you have a fairly good herb garden and lemon tree then it shouldn’t take you much time at all. We threw this teaser of a lunch date together after some good ole fashion floral work. A few hours before however, I had foraged through the best of the best supermarkets in town in search of the elusive pomegranate but alas had to settle for cranberries.

Nigella seeds along with raw cauliflower were the two things I haven’t previously dabbled with. On second thought, there was once a horrible incident with cauliflower rice in which I left it overnight to accidentally ferment and stink out the whole apartment, but we won’t go into details there. Raw broccoli salads are a common sight in my kitchen but broccoli’s fair sister in colour and character was never too frequent on my shopping list.


Nigella seeds or black cumin are visually exciting and add a nice subtle texture and taste to salads, much like turmeric in quinoa dishes. These seeds are from southwest Asia and are not one to be found in your average supermarket but more so any organic shop. For me, that’s Common Sense Organics in Wellington or East by West Organics (now Hucklberry Organics) in Auckland.

We heavily sprinkled this salad over a few pieces of toasted Vogles, and an all time favorite Aubergine, cashew, coriander and lime dip. It was the perfect light lunch, and as always made significantly better by the company.  The recipe can be found on Bon Appetit’s Facebook page or website.




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