Street bouquets

If this summer was measured in sunlit days then I am sorry to declare that our summer has been incredulously short. As paper flicks over to declare another month residents on our street bid hope for hotter days farewell and reluctantly usher back in weather which belongs to July. But although most folk complain about this season, the garden has yet to complain.

For those of you who dont know I have been lucky enough to work a handful of hours a week at a floral and event design company in Brooklyn, Wellington. Not only has it been a great insight to learn, observe and laugh with talented and wise individuals, but it has been a wonderful opportunity to change the way I think about design and floristry. Kiwi ingenuity becomes the American born creative director who is the owner of this little company. Every bramble, blue berry bush,common tree, fruit tree and sometimes thistle  has a purpose and is hardly ever dismissed. Common gardens are preferred to market purchases and although floral and fauna knowledge is solid there is always room for naming ‘new’ discoveries.

I am not a florist nor do I pretend to be one however, every now and then we or I find myself wandering the streets snips in hand playing street florist and seeing what little bundles I can create. From side walks, to veggie gardens, to plants overhanging fences, it is an absolute learning curve to take the skills and talent I see each week and pace it into my own practice.




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