Three thoughts & three years


Two things come to mind when I see this photo. The first is that I really need to invest in a pair of well sized jeans. The second is that this photo was taken nearly three years ago. Three years in Auckland is quickly coming to an end and each year has been significantly different.

The first year of my degree was focused on finding community. Creating a family and surrounding myself with like minded individuals. It was also spent trying to live up to expectations I had of my life and trying to balance love and life between two cities.

The second year of my Auckland journey was spent learning and stumbling around the art of friendship, and learning about health and nutrition. Submerging myself in the whole foods world and falling in love with the Mondays Whole Food’s philosophy and ivy covered cafe.

My third year has been the most challenging. Over the summer I found a home in the events and floral industry in Wellington. The move back to Auckland however, has seen a loss of community and my exceptionally high expectations both externally and internally start to crumble. The awesome blessing in this, is that I get to rebuild a healthier, more realistic understanding of who I am, what I believe in, how I would like to carve my life, and the types of people I would adore to surround myself with.

Three years has seen so many choices, so many learning curves and so many new experiences.

It is so important to record these snippets of life so that in another three years one can find another photo and reminisce and reflect and I really really hope in my case, laugh and feel proud about how far growth can take oneself.



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