Where I am & What I am reading


Little bit of a disclaimer: I have literally just arrived back in Wellington and realized I never published this blog post about stressful mornings. So I am sneakily publishing it now.

Gosh writing has definitely not been at the forefront of my thoughts this last month and I am starting to feel the sway of unnoted thoughts cluttering up my head. I am moving back to Wellington so soon I can count the weeks on my hand. I am overjoyed to reconnect with my city and to fall in love with countless cafes who seem to have changed so much in the space of there years.

This time however, I am only in the city for two weeks. I am here to reunite with my Twig & Arrow family and to try and be a helping hand as they create a floral dream of a scene for a high profile wedding this coming weekend.  I am currently rugged up in ripped jeans, an oversized T-shirt dress, sprouting messy, half-straightened hair. I am about to chow down on a plate of salted caramel and almond waffles with banana, because apparently bananas are good for PMS, and because it sounds insanely delicious, and because I have been mentally deep breathing for the last hour in an attempt to tempt peace into my body. This morning was a bit of a subtle nightmare. Okay, maybe a bit of an overstatement but for those who are planners and organizers you will understand.

I am a morning person and my mornings work wonderfully like clockwork, mostly. This morning I slept in so all the tasks I had mentally set for myself were in flux. Shower, wash my hair, try and make my hair not suck, pack my bag with protein filled snacks so I don’t get cranky, make my wonderful boyfriends breakfast and pack him a good solid lunch, finish decorating my birthday cakes for the girls that evening, tidy the piles of clothes on the floor and lastly and most most importantly make the bed, I had given myself two solid hours for these little labors but ended up with about an hour. It is so ironic that the book I am currently loving and which I packed this morning in my haste is Doctor Libby’s ‘Rushing Woman Syndrome’.

If you haven’t already read this I highly recommend it. It is an epic realization that how most of us are living is detrimental to our health and that the art of slowing down isn’t just a trendy fad, its a very real solution to a serious problem. I haven’t been able to loose weight for the last three years even though I have been exercising like crazy and eating relatively healthy. This book has been a complete treat for me in understanding some basic anatomy and getting a grasp on how stress causes so much more then simply getting pissed off that I couldn’t make my bed this morning to perfection. It is absolutely crazy that we each have our own body full of organs with intricate-amazing systems yet the majority of us don’t even know what the nervous system does, gosh I didn’t even know what organs made up my gut, I thought it was simply my stomach.

So it is because of the amazing knowledge in this book that I am currently able to sit here while the chaos of the morning rush unfolds around me in this busy cafe, breath deeply and hold onto the fact that although I have just turned 23 I am still barely an adult and still have room for mistakes and growth.


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