Seeking the Hectic

It dawned on my at exactly 11.24 pm last night that although I am surrounded by the art of slow living, I have not the faintest hint of how to implement the ideal. It seems that when my life is busy, moving and organized chaos I know how to make time to breath, relax and reflect. But when life hands me breathing space with no full schedule, no due dates and no commitments I am in a fluster to seek out the ‘hectic’.

I have not yet been back in Wellington a week and I am already hunting for a second job and feeling like a bit of a failure because I haven’t yet found a house to call home. Most flats in Wellington that are affordable are home to mold or moss and the sun seems to have forsaken them.

I can not seem to grasp the fact that I have time, that I am financially stable and it is okay to take some time to just be. The problem with this is that I think my generation has forgotten how to relax. Not only that but we do not know what to-do when we have time? I have been blessed with time for the next few months and all I can think of is getting rid of that time by committing to different ventures or simply scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feed for days on end.

So how does one learn to live slowly when it feels un-natural and uncomfortable? I would applaud any tips you happen to throw my way?





2 thoughts on “Seeking the Hectic

  1. Joanna I love this! I’m sorry I don’t have any tips for you though, I’m still trying to work that one out!!
    Praying for your amazing new flat xx

  2. Esme 🙂 the sooner I find one the sooner I can convince you to come and stay. Missing Frazers and our dates x

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