Capturing the every day – My battle with photography


Believe it or not I am not a photographer. I own a relatively good camera and a relatively good lens, but I am yet to master the art of capturing the every day.  I am however, an incredibly creative individual and because of this and the path life has steered me down I seem to be constantly surrounded by creative people.

I have spent years gazing in awe at pieces of art, mostly in classic magazines like the always trendy Kinfolk or scrolling endlessness through foodie blogs such as Sprouted Kitchen, My Darling Lemon Thyme and my all time favorite, The First Mess. How is it that foodies are just naturally good photo creators and takers? Maybe that’s my problem I just need to become a chief, huh no biggie.

Having been surrounded by images that evoke the perfect balance, zest and tone has caused me to greatly romanticize everything about photography and to somehow come to the conclusion that a creative eye is all that is needed to capture the ordinary and extraordinary.  GOSH how much of an understatement is that. To be able to manipulate  light and setting is a skill that only patience and practice evoke. The shots you see on this blog and consequently on my other social media platforms are a smidgen of creative styling and a little bit of luck. What you can’t see is the large handful of shots that ended up in the delete folder.

I mostly follow the light and rely on it heavily to capture something worth sharing. I love doing close shots which have an element of simplicity to them. Lately I feel like I am imposing. When I venture out with my camera people automatically amuse I fall into that talented creative catogoery, in which the well polished photo takers take in their stride. I have begun to feel this way a fair bit after a couple of wonderful humans have contacted me interested in my time and camera. I worry immensely that my ability and their expectations will not align, but then again the opportunity for practice is amazing and I should make a point of practice, practice, practice.

I guess it comes back to the fact of the century – anyone with a phone can be a photographer, but the proof can be found in the pudding. Perhaps I am being somewhat modest – I can take a nice photo when the fates are aligned, but these last few months have been yet another reminder that to be good at something you must first be willing to be bad.




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