200 women stand behind me

200 women stand behind me. They whisper and sometimes shout, ‘ you are loved, you are loved you are loved’, and then as if an echo ‘you have a responsibility‘.


I graduated this December. I have succeeded  in three years of hard work and diligence. I now hold a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Event Management and minoring in business & sustainable design. I have educated myself, bettered myself and equipped myself yet, I am vastly unfulfilled. University was a stepping stone but now I find myself itching, yearning for the next adventure, an adventure with purpose, productivity and responsibility.

Someone special gifted me a book for graduation, filled with 200 evoking and challenging stories. Stories about women who empower and who embody integrity, hope, resilience and kindness. It is through these stories that I am beginning to re-learn what I was taught in faith – that we as unjustified receptiants of privilege are made for something more than an ordinary life and with that, have a responsibility to contribute.

I do not know exactly what this looks like for my life, but I am restless of routine, of study halls. I am restless of comfort and of pleasure. I guess this is somewhat a new years resolution, but I want it noted that following this I will wake up every day and ask my self two things, how can I better my future today? And and more importantly, how can I better someone else’s future today?

For after all the only thing that separates an ordinary women from an extraordinary one, is the belief that she is ordinary.





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