Welcome, hello

Good morning, or if mornings aren’t your forté, good afternoon.

I’ll keep it short, simple & only a little bit sweet, my names Joanna and I am an aspiring event designer, floral designer, explorer and creative individual. Mondays Whole Foods is where I work, Auckland is where my body resides, Wellington is where my heart can be found, and up in the mountain or in the sea is where my soul is at its happiest. This blog is a creative outlet for me to muse, ponder and share my thoughts with my, mum, grandma and a few other kind people who occasionally read these words. From time to time I write for a handful of other publications, a free-lance type shindig so please let me know if this interest you, even if it is only in the slightest.

Happy Monday…or Tuesday, or whatever day it is that you stumbled onto this page.





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